Standing or Sitting? Which is the Best Setup for your Virtual Show

Best Setup for Virtual Shows

If you're starting in the virtual world right now, or you’re thinking about it, I’m sure that choosing the right setup for your virtual show it’s something in your mind. 

Well, in this virtual journey you never stop learning: my own experience has taught me that.

So here’s a good tip for you: you need to figure out what type of setup it’s the best fit for you and your show before buying any equipment! And I cannot stress that enough.

Before we get to the different options you have for your setup in a virtual show, however, I highly recommend you watch my first video and read my post on How to Get Your First Gig.
After you have done that and put every piece of advice into practice, come back to this post.

Now, in this post, as well as in the rest of this series I’m making on the first steps into the virtual journey, we are going to talk about the beginning of your transition to remote entertainment and what to expect from it.

Today’s question may seem simple, but it can determine a lot of decisions in the future: Standing or sitting? What personal setup works best for you?

There’s no right answer here. It depends entirely on how you feel when you perform. Find what it’s comfortable for you!

Although keep in mind that the answer to this question is essential to figure out what kind of equipment you should buy for your performances.

In general, standing gives us more energy, thus, projecting that energy to the audience while we perform. That is my usual setup, since, being a magician, I used to work a lot on the stage, so I built up my studio with that in mind.

Even so, there are certain moments during my show when I find sitting best, especially when I’m doing card tricks and using an Overhead Camera to showcase my table.

This setup is also quite useful for artists, or maybe a tarotist who wants to create a more intimate environment with the audience.

That is why it is so important to figure out your setup in a virtual show before buying anything.

Best options of Setup for your Virtual Show

So you have three options: standing for high-energy shows, sitting for more intimate performances or showcasing a table, and, finally, both.

I wanted to have the option of doing both, so I bought an ApexDesk Vortex Series 60" 6-Button Electric Height that I can adjust to a sitting or standing desk to my preference.
Setup for virtual shows ApexDesk Vortex Series

ApexDesk Store

But that’s not all. Before buying any equipment, you have to be sure of what angle you’ll like to have, how many cameras, and how much background space is good for you.

There is a lot more than we think when we talk about a setup for virtual performances.

Answering these questions will give you an idea of the kind of equipment you want to be looking for, sizes, and functions that can make your shows, videos or presentations get to the next level.

Even if you want, you can use multiple cameras and shoot from different angles. I never do a full-body shot, but it’s on you and it is right for your show.

In the following video, I show you how I created my space using the most of the space available for my virtual performances:

Some thoughts for you

Remember this is a learning process. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment right away to start, and it is never going to be perfect at first.

After you do your first gig, and, hopefully, you have a great experience, you may feel it wasn’t good enough. That’s normal.

Even if it isn’t perfect or what you expected, the next ones will get better, and better, and better, and better... Just stay on track!

Virtual performances require flexibility and the capacity to adjust, so try to find what you’ve enjoyed from that experience and improve upon the things you didn’t like and you know that can be better.

With every performance, every gig, you’ll find more and more things to improve and work towards doing so, but it all comes from practice and repetition.

If you want more tips on how to start on the virtual journey, I’m making a series on my Youtube Channel, so you can follow me there for more content like this one!

Keep up the good thoughts,

Alan Chamo

Entertainer, Mentalist & Keynote Speaker


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