Standing or Sitting? Which is the Best Setup for your Virtual Show

Best Setup for Virtual Shows

If you’re starting in the virtual world right now, or you’re thinking about it, I’m sure that choosing the right setup for your virtual show it’s something in your mind. Well, in this virtual journey you never stop learning: my own experience has taught me that.So here’s a good tip for you: you need to figure […]

Tips to Master your First Virtual Gig

First Gig online presentation

You’ve been sitting on the sidelines, hoping this virus will go away, and you realize maybe it’s time to start doing some virtual gigs. But you are not sure what’s the first step? This is some practical advice from someone who went through the same as you to get his first virtual gig.      […]

How to Find the Best Lights to Create a Nice Background in your Home Studio

Create a nice background in your home studio

One of the things I discovered while introducing myself in the virtual journey is that a good background can completely change the atmosphere in a room, especially when you’re setting up a studio at home.I realized I needed an extra something to make my shows and videos stand out.So, that is why I’m going to […]

What is the best microphone setup for virtual entertainers?

Best microphone for virtual entertainers

The Importance of Audio for your broadcast or Zoom MeetingIf you are starting on your virtual journey, you have probably realized that audio is very important, probably more than your camera.Think about this, if people cannot hear what you say during a video conference or a show, they will tune out. A click on “leave […]