How to Find the Best Lights to Create a Nice Background in your Home Studio

Create a nice background in your home studio

One of the things I discovered while introducing myself in the virtual journey is that a good background can completely change the atmosphere in a room, especially when you’re setting up a studio at home.

I realized I needed an extra something to make my shows and videos stand out.

So, that is why I’m going to get into detail on how to create a great looking background in your home studio without spending too much money.

There are many ways to create an attractive background, you can use a green screen, for example, but the option I find works best for me is using LED light to give more personality to my home studio background.

The recomended light for a nice background in your home studio

It comes with a remote control that allows you to change up easily to 16 colors and 4 modes, so you can customize your background to your liking. This light also comes with the option to adjust the lighting.

Best lights to create a nice background in home studio

Another great feature of this product is that you can use it anywhere since it’s waterproof and perfect for indoor and outdoor stages.

This, however, is not a professional light, but it does work perfectly to create an interesting background in your home studio.

I would recommend, though, that if you have a bigger studio, or you want to cover larger areas, to buy more than one of these lights. But, if your studio is small like mine, one of these LED lights is more than enough.

Remember, having a nice background in your videos or virtual gigs is as important as the content you offer, it will definitely make it stand out by improving the overall quality, so don’t forget it! 

I also made a video showing you how this light works, check it out for more information.

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Keep up the good thoughts,

Alan Chamo

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