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“Crazy, mind-blowing fun!”
“Holy crap, that was amazing!”
“Best show I’ve seen in years!”
“….a mental roller-coaster!”

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Alan Chamo: Mind Hacker is a fast-paced, intimate, interactive experience where you’ll spend as much time laughing as you do scratching your head in amazement, wondering “How the heck did that just happen?”

Alan created this show in 2017. It was debuted with rave review at the Colony Theatre Miami Beach.

In 2020 Alan adapted the show and created a virtual interactive 60 minutes experience over zoom.

M1ND H4CK3R had been featured in theaters, resorts, cruise ships, and now, online for corporate and team-building events.

What people say about the show:

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"We used Alan for our Executive Advisory Board meeting that usually meets once a year in person. Alan was a great opening for our meeting and got our board members engaged and had a lot of fun in a virtual environment. Alan was great with our clients andthe feedback was all excellent. Highly recommend him for any event and we look forward to using him again."

Wolters Kluwer

Karen McCracken - Senior Manager, Global Client Experience ELM Solutions

October, 2020

"We recently hired Alan Chamo to entertain a group of our 25 top clients from the top luxury travel agencies in the world. Within a few minutes, he had the entire room engaged. It was pleasant to see him go from small group to small group doing fantastic magic and the thrill on our client's face was priceless."



April, 2018

"Alan Chamo delivered a highly entertaining virtual show for our team’s mid-year planning meeting. He was able to customize his tricks to our company and keep everyone engaged through a webcam. Our team enjoyed the performance, laughs, and level of professionalism. I would highly recommend Alan for any company event."


Alfredo Richard, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

September, 2020

I’m very excited to be hosting the @avantiway gala awards this coming thursday.

Best of the south florida realestete community will be there 💪 🏠

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Amazing at a cocktail reception during #Artbasel 🪄

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Tricks in groups are delightful, especially the uncertainty of what will happen.

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Many challenges, but so much fun!🪄

Yesterday I did 2 shows that took me out of my comfort zone, and even so, I had fun like never before.

Thanksgiving is about thanking even the little moments.
Thank you Fabuwood and you amazing team who enjoyed my shows.

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