Keynote Speaker - ``The Talk show``

Alan called the keynote sessions a “Talk Show” because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a show that delivers information in a fun and inspiring way. During the talk, Alan performs amazing demonstrations utilizing his mentalist skills to make a point or motivating the audience while always keeping them engaged in the subject.

There are two topics Available:

Sell it! Staying relevant and motivated in the “Amazon” era

Alan has always been an entrepreneur. When he was 12, back in Israel where he grew up, he “started a business” buying and selling bagels in businesses and clinics. Around the same time, he started performing for birthday parties and, in order to get the gigs, he had to advertise his services and negotiate with adults.

“People would call me from a small ad I placed in a local newspaper, when I picked up the phone they would realize from my voice that I was a kid. I would tell them about my show and then they would askhow much?” $100 dollars was my rate (It was the highest price among magicians in my area back then) many would complain that it was too much and that my competition was charging less (and they were adults). Instead of negotiating I would stand firm on my price, thank them for their interest and say “Hope you can afford my services next year, good luck in your search and thank you for calling, goodbye.”

Israelis are very used to negotiating, they couldn’t understand how this kid had the “Jutzpa” to decline them and hang up the phone. A few minutes later they would call me back and book me for the full asking price”.

When the time came, Alan Joined the Israeli Army and managed to sell them on the fact that they need a full time magician to entertain the troops. This was a first, An army magician!

After his military service, Alan moved to Miami and immediately started performing. But at the same time, he needed a “real job” while the gigs started getting more frequent. The real job was selling Electronics in a touristic area in South Beach. During that time, Alan learned some “street smart” techniques from the shop owner; no school would prepare you better to “hustle”.

After a year, Alan convinced the owner to invest in a Kiosk that would sell Magic tricks. In 2001 Alan opened “Magic Hut”, a small Magic kiosk in the famous Aventura mall that sold magic tricks and novelties. This small location became so popular that Alan had to bring a second register only a week after opening to make sure they didn’t lose any sales. Two months later, the second location opened and very quickly the rest followed adding up to more than 12 (some seasonal). After only a year, Magic Hut grossed more than a million selling tricks. In 2015 Alan sold the company.

During all this time, Alan traveled the world performing. Thanks to his management and team building skills, he managed to create a system that worked and he could control while traveling.

Alan had to train his sales force not only on the tricks they sold, but also on the “tricks to sell the tricks”.

In this fun and engaging Talk-show, Alan will charm and motivate your sales force and management team with proven techniques to sell more in less time, teach some self-hypnosis technics to relax, “Snap out” and “disconnect” when you are done or down.

Some of the topics of this “Talk-show”:

    • Breaking the Ice: How to create attention and make people stop and pay attention?
    • Retaining: How to keep them interested in what you have to show. Tone of voice, projection creating rapport.
    • Getting the YES!: Asking the right question is an art. One of the basic mistakes a sales representative can do is asking a question where the answer can be a “no”. Always keep your questions “open ended”.
    • Closing the deal: If you fail in stopping and retaining, you won’t close the deal. There are proven techniques that will increase your chances to close the sale;
    • How to do discounts? Learning how to do discounts is an art and a very effective tool but if you don’t do it right you can become a used cars sales person.
    • The art of the gift. Learn when and how to give a gift as a “closer”.
    • Make him/her a King/Queen; Give your customer the attention they deserve without the overkill.
    • Blind Item: what is a blind Item? How much does it cost and what’s the real value?
    • Believe in your product. After a long time selling the same service or product we tend to forget what the value we bring to our customer is and we start losing trust in what we sell and its real value. Alan will show your team the real value.
    • Learn your speech and don’t “round corners”. Repeating yourself over and over again is exhausting. Learn how to keep it fresh and not get bored.
    • Work backwards”: In order to keep your sales force motivated and making more commissions, Alan will teach them some simple techniques to be motivated and keeping pushing forward.
    • The bad day of sales: We all have them, how do we snap out of it before it hurts the week and the month?
    • Up-sell: Alan has proven time and time again that by learning how to up-sell you can generate a new transaction and bring overall sales up by 10%-20%. If you don’t do it, you are leaving money on the table.

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“Introduction to self-hypnosis” 

Hypnosis has been used for over 3000 years. It’s a state of focused awareness we all experience every single day of our life. 


If we all experience it, why do we need to learn it?

Good question. We all have the tools in our mind, the problem is that no one teaches us how to use those tools or that they even exist. Same goes with memory, we all have it and we remember more or less, but we are never taught in school how to file memories in our mind. We learn how to read, write, do math, history and use a computer so, why wouldn’t we learn how to maximize our brain and be able to easily change our limiting beliefs and have a super memory!?

Self-hypnosis is used extensively in modern hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can help with pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, obesity, asthma, skin conditions, eliminating phobias, and curing addictions.

When this practice is mastered, it can improve concentration, memory, enhance problem solving skills, alleviate headaches and even improving one‘s control of emotions.

Alan is a Certified Hypnotist. For the past 10 years, Alan has been helping people to create significant changes in their subconscious mind in order to change bad habits, and eliminating phobias and beliefs that limit us in every aspect our lives.

This fascinating lecture uses some hypnotic demonstration so every person in the room will be able to experience the state of hypnosis. This “Talk-show” is suitable for both kids and adults (10 and up).

Some of the topics of this talk show:

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • Common Misconceptions about hypnosis
  • What is it used for?
  • Examples of Hypnosis in our everyday life 
  • Get the results you want
  • How to get there?
  • Affirmations; how to create a correct affirmation · Binaural beats; what are they?
  • How to incorporate Self-hypnosis in your life. 
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