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Take your Fundraising to the next level.

Introducing the "M1ND H4CK3R" show

as a vehicle to fundraise for your organization...

Alan Chamo > Mind Hacker is a fast-paced, intimate, interactive experience where you’ll spend as much time laughing as you do scratching your head, wondering “How the heck did that just happen?”

Alan created this show in 2017. It was debuted with rave review at the Colony Theatre Miami Beach.

Here's what other people are saying...

“Crazy, mind-blowing fun!”

“Holy crap, that was amazing!”

“Best show I’ve seen in years!”

“….a mental roller-coaster!”

"We’ve raised thousands of dollars with just the two shows, which would have been next to impossible on our own.
And in case you’re not sure you can put on a whole show, They not only generously donates their time to help groups like us, but they provide an entire system to help you maximize your return. It’s easily
the best fundraising avenue that our school has, and the most entertaining by far."

Jeff Kakes

Teacher, History and Leadership Departments

We sold out the event (600 seats) and realized a gross profit over $15,000. Sacred Heart Mission Ministry is using their part of the proceeds to provide aid to a church in the New Orleans area and
Morning Star School is using their part of the proceeds to help fund ongoing projects at their school.

“this is the best fundraising event I have ever attended”
“we would definitely come watch a show of theirs again”
“how did they do that”?
This show is still the talk of the parish."

Rev. Anthony Coppola,

Pastor Sacred Heart Church, Pinellas Park, FL

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