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Hilarious show full of fun and comedy for the whole Family

Are you looking for something original and super-fun for your next event?

In this particular show the audience are the stars. Alan hypnotizes members of the audience and brings about humorous situations with them.

The “stars” of the show will be under Alans spell, thrilling and entertaining the audience with their dancing, funny scenarios, and personalities that Alan creates for them.

It is a “pure Comedy” act. Every participant is respected and never embarrassed. The Idea is to simply have some fun and create new memorable moments.

The following are some hilarious personalities you should watch out for, or perhaps experience yourself:

• The Balloon thief.
• The visitor from mars.
• The river dance
• The one who forgot their name
• The policeman who hates individuals who laugh.

This show is fun for all! Its most suitable for: High Schools, Colleges, Sports clubs, Theaters and Cruise ships.

*A late night version is available upon request.

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