Mind Hacker Conceptual Concepts: Recognition Summit 2021

"Top Performers Adapting to Change"


About Alan

Alan Chamo is a master of digital engagement and an internationally renowned entertainer and entrepreneur. Alan is an expert in creating engaging virtual experiences and in-person events. 

Using a mix of comedy and magic, Alan has been able to motivate and inspire people from all over the world and continues to do so even during the ongoing pandemic through engaging online presentations.

Alan has done multiple live TV appearances on networks such as NBC, Telemundo, and Univision and performed live in front of 50 million viewers on a famous latin music award show.


The concept will be focused on the positive aspects of the new reality of 2020 and beyond; how we engage with each other at home and work in the hybrid model moving forward. The hybrid model can be more inclusive, creating opportunities to engage with more people regardless of location. Embracing the new model can lead to becoming the top performers of tomorrow.  

#hybrid #adaptingtochange

Customized Invitation(s) 

Attendees will receive a physical invitation by mail.


The invitation is “mysterious” in nature and to support the content, a QR code will be accessible to the recipient. When the code is scanned, it will take them to a landing page with a video of Alan and the CEO (on zoom) where Alan will perform a customized illusion that ties in the purpose of the event (location). The CEO then challenges Alan to perform his illusions in-person at the event for him and his top performer’s team. (See example video)


Option B: Can be a customized interactive trick that ties in the theme and location and creates anticipation for the event. In this case, there would not be a need to have the CEO present or participating. This type of illusion works for everyone that follows along. (See example video)

Example of video invite 

Example of Interactive video  

Arrival Experience

Upon arrival at the Airport, attendees will get a name tag with a QR code. When scanned, a welcome message/video is shown to gain momentum for their trip, highlighting the destination, expectations and appreciation for their hard work/services. The QR code can be scanned at any time during the event so attendees can see the schedule at a glance or updates.

Hybrid Award Ceremony

The Mentalist can also serve as an Emcee/Entertainer, interacting with mind-blowing mental magic with the audience and/or between the awards. 

The ceremony can be broadcasted live to include those that are not in attendance but would like to participate.

As an added touch, a small incentive package can be sent to the homes of the employees that couldn't travel to the event.

Close-up Strolling Mind Reading and Magic

For the sake of continuity, following the dinner/awards the Mentalist will stroll among your guests and approach small groups in a casual setting, entertaining them for about five to ten minutes with incredible magic, mind-reading and charming humor.

floating card