Mental Magic & Comedy

As a Mentalist , Alan appears to display sophisticated natural and mental abilities combined with smart comedy; this particular show can be performed for both small and large audiences (50 to 3000). This is a fast paced show, with lots of audience participation. The audience describe the performance as Amazing and fascinating. Claiming it leaves them wondering and curious about how powerful and strong our mind is. In this exceptional show audiences can feel the show rather than just watch it. During this interactive show the audience participate both on and off stage. 

Alan will work with you to customize a program tailored specifically for your audience and industry. Perfect for Corporate show specially if you want to dazzle high-profile clients, employees and entertain senior management.

Every single performance was cautiously organized and choreographed in order to produce the suitable impression through music and lighting as an integral part of the show.

What to watch out for in this show?

  • Reading of minds.
  • Detecting objects and replicating drawing while blind folded. Touching one audience member while the rest feels the same way and can say precisely what part of the body he felt it
  • A life-threatening Russian roulette hiding a large spike under one paper bag. Alan will slam his hand on the bags in accordance with the audience intuition.

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