Cocktails & Receptions

The perfect ice breaker and conversation starter for any party or event. In This casual show Alan brings the magic up close right under your guests noses! During the reception Alan strolls between your guests and approaches small groups of two person minimum at a time, entertaining them for about five to ten minutes with incredible mind magic. This short shows are repeated so all guest can get the experience. In this show you can expect to see mental feasts, Card Magic, Metal bending and much more.

Your guest will remain with an unforgettable magical experience that happened right in their hands and under their nose.

These type of show works for any event with a reception while guests are arriving or during the party.

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  • David June 19, 2015

    Amazing show!

  • Denis December 19, 2015

    is the first time we’ve done a set up like this and it was oh-so-much fun! Many thanks to Johanna for spinpang away at it all night! This is a service we’re now able to do for all our wedding

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