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Boring doesn’t get attention at EXPOS and Corporate meetings

Have you ever wondered about the exact way you are going to render your service as an exhibitor that is going to be different from the boring way you have been hosting your former ones? Have you ever experienced a disappointment of putting lots of effort to organize something you describe as being ‘’catchy’’ just to see potential buyer miserably looking towards your corner and hurling away to other interesting corners, and even the few you have around you rarely laugh, kept yawning or so attached with their smart phones that they were not at the slightest interested in whatever pro

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Magic Night Miami

Do you like magic? Do you like live shows? Are you tired of the same night out of dinner and a movie? If you answered yes to any of this questions join us at Magic Night Miami. An intimate Unforgettable magic experience. In the charming and quaint "Studio Teatro”, you will see and feel magic up close and personal as well as on stage, and if You like, you might even participate in a magic act yourself! Upon your arrival you will be greeted by our strolling sleight of hands magicians that will amaze you with cards, coins, spoon bending, telepathy and much more  while you enjoy a dri