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Boring doesn’t get attention at EXPOS and Corporate meetings

Have you ever wondered about the exact way you are going to render your service as an exhibitor that is going to be different from the boring way you have been hosting your former ones?

Have you ever experienced a disappointment of putting lots of effort to organize something you describe as being ‘’catchy’’ just to see potential buyer miserably looking towards your corner and hurling away to other interesting corners, and even the few you have around you rarely laugh, kept yawning or so attached with their smart phones that they were not at the slightest interested in whatever program you have going on?. After your company has already spent thousands just to rent the booth, signage, buildup, flights, hotels, and to top it up, they have been robbed by the union in the convention center. And just at the die minutes you realized that your location was in front of the bathroom or in a dead end.

If you have then I think you are about to know the secret of what you need to compete with the big guys that have the corner booth with the half-naked girls raffling a race car or giving away an IPad every hour. The secret you must learn is ‘’How to get your buyers to STOP, LISTEN, REMEMBER and BUY.’’

If you are an exhibitor what you need is to put yourself in the “Buyers shoes” and figure out how you can make a ‘’not so exciting product or service’’ so appealing enough to make you STOP, LISTEN and REMEMBER. Ask yourself if you walk into an expo, how do you find the new exciting product or service in between hundreds of exhibitors? Especially when you don’t have the time to try and figure out what the hell those guys are selling.

The Answer is Entertainment!

We all want to be entertained and the fact is we all are tuned towards a place of entertainment or where a big group of people congregate to watch something “The herd effect” . Did you notice that the guys that sell the knives, blenders, Tupperware covers or kitchen sponges always have people lined up and they don’t stop selling? That’s because they have a great ENTERTAINING demonstration. Would you buy those knives if they were only laying on a table with a miserable guy that doesn’t demonstrate? Of course NOT.

So how would you sell a product or service that can’t be demonstrated?

What would make great entertainment that will stop them while they are running along the isles to the food area?

The answer is simple. Hire a professional corporate entertainer that will custom build a show around your product or service. Have him/her perform once every half an hour or an hour for about 10 min.

What kind of entertainer?

Half naked girls and dancers always call the attention if it’s a car show or non-professional convention but they are not articulate and can’t do much more than wearing a Bikini with your logo and for most company it’s the wrong message.

Then what would you bring for Doctors, Programmers, Engineers, Boat owners, real estate investors, mortgage brokers, insurance industry and the list goes on? Have you ever thought about the wonder of Magic? Or the power of transformation and life a magician or Mentalist can through into your exhibition that is capable of making tired audience or buyers jump back to life in loud cheers of ‘wow!’. If you haven’t thought about it then here is your answer ‘MAGIC!’. Hire a Corporate Magician or Mentalist.

The truth is there is rarely no one that won’t love to be AMAZED and those that hate magicians will still stop because they are curious to know how it is done. And talking about you hiring a magician, I am not saying the magician you had for your sons 7th Birthday but a magician or Mentalist that can put a short, funny and entertaining show using your product, logo and services.

For example a well experienced entertainer like Mentalist Alan Chamo will not only draw the attention of multitudes but he will also create an unforgettable moment in people’s mind. And so when your company’s name is mentioned even several weeks after the exhibition or convention the first thing that would run across everyone’s mind is ‘oh! Yes that company that had a magician performed. I was most amazed when he had my quarter bend while I kept on holding in my hands’. With a mentalist like Alan Chamo, the attention to your company will grow without limit because he will constantly keep the attendees so entertained that they would have no choice that to recognize your company as a company that knows how to get it wants by giving total satisfaction to its intending clients.

What are the benefits of hiring a Mentalist to perform in your expo booth.

STOP and AMAZE small, medium or large crowds. Basically get more people paying attention.
Educate about your product or service with top notch entertainment.
Create a MEMORY in the attendees’ minds so you can easily follow up without struggling to remind them who you are.
Send them with a small magic trick give away they can do with your company information. They will always keep it to impress their friends or kids.
This type of entertainer like Mentalist Alan Chamo is not someone you book last minute! I would recommend hiring at least 6 months in advance. Not only the performer might be booked but you also want to give them time to come up with creative ideas together with you. He (Alan Chamo) is also available to see you conventions through and entertaining anywhere in the world. All he needs is the DATE. And because you are the real architect of your program all Alan Chamo wants to do is how to make that program run in a most entertaining way you can ever imagine, you need to also educate him about the three most important points you want the program to be built upon. There are just three most important point because people tend not to remember more than these three points and there are still some other stuffs to discuss after the entertainment part.

Remember, the Entertainer will not replace you or your sales force. He will bring you more potential customers, give the Magical Glimpse and transfer them to close the sales or at least to get their information to contact them after the show.

The best part is that when you call them a few weeks later and say “Hi, this is Robert with whatever corporation” they will remember the company where the mentalist blew their minds.

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